NIALP, short for the NIALP – Intercultural Association Lisboa, Portugal, is a dynamic organization primarily composed of leaders from the Nepalese community residing in Portugal. Their collective mission is to address various facets of cultural, social, legal, health, and educational challenges, all with the overarching aim of facilitating the integration of Nepalese immigrants into Portuguese society. Additionally, NIALP is committed to safeguarding the human rights of migrants, emphasizing the principles of dignity, respect, and access to essential necessities such as food, shelter, employment, education, and healthcare.

Immigrants in Portugal grapple with an array of social issues encompassing language barriers, social isolation, mental health, employment obstacles, educational disparities, and housing inadequacies. A significant proportion of this immigrant population faces economic pressures as they support their families in their home country. They harbor a deep interest in becoming an integral part of the Portuguese community, and their family sizes are on the rise. Many find themselves engaged in low-skilled employment, characterized by extended working hours and low wages.


  • NIALP is an immigrant association.
  • It operates as a social organization.
  • The organization is strictly non-profit, non-political, and non-religious.

The central objective of NIALP is to create an ideal community marked by the preservation of cultural diversity, robust support systems, and comprehensive integration into Portuguese society.


  • Promote and celebrate Nepali and South Asian cultures, religions, and practices within the Nepalese community residing in Portugal.
  • Facilitate the social integration of Nepalese immigrants into the broader Portuguese community.
  • Address the social, health, and educational needs of the Nepalese community in Portugal.
  • Foster connections with local, national, and international organizations.
  • Promote understanding, respect, and appreciation for diversity, multiculturalism, and equity issues.


NIALP engages in a range of activities to fulfill its objectives, including:

  • Organizing cultural, social, and religious events.
  • Offering Portuguese language classes.
  • Providing Nepali language classes.
  • Promoting locally relevant job training programs.
  • Delivering health education and collaborating with local healthcare facilities.
  • Coordinating with educational institutions to meet community-specific needs.
  • Extending legal support to community members.
  • Establishing kindergarten and daycare centers.
  • Advocating for Nepali products and tourism activities.
  • Promoting Portuguese language and culture in Nepal.
  • Cultivating strong relationships with local councils, city halls, financial offices, immigration authorities, social security offices, educational institutions, research bodies, and cultural organizations.

Proposed Activities:

In addition to their ongoing initiatives, NIALP proposes to:

  • Continue organizing cultural, social, and religious events.
  • Expand Portuguese and Nepali language classes.
  • Enhance local job-oriented skill development programs.
  • Strengthen their legal support services.
  • Further, develop kindergarten and daycare facilities.
  • Continue promoting Nepali products and tourism.
  • Foster Portuguese language and cultural appreciation in Nepal.
  • Consolidate connections with local councils, city halls, financial offices, immigration authorities, social security offices, educational institutions, research institutions, and cultural organizations.

Core Values:

NIALP is guided by the following core values:

Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of integrity in all interactions and decisions, rooted in fairness and adherence to the law.

Respect: Treating every individual with dignity and courtesy, regardless of the outcome of their case, fostering a culture of respect within the organization and the community.

Innovation: Embracing innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, and effective management practices to achieve their goals, while approaching challenges with enthusiasm and wisdom. NIALP aims to set an example of respect, dignity, and courtesy in all their endeavors.