Portuguese Language Course

Portuguese Language Course (A1/A2)

In order to integrate immigrants into the Portuguese society, the Portuguese language is one of the main barriers within the immigrant’s community in Portugal. There are some public schools offer free Portuguese Language for the foreigner but they have to wait few months to get admission in the school.

Recently, the NIALP Intercultural Association Lisboa signed a protocol with the INOVINTER (Center for Training and Technological Innovation) for Portuguese language class in NIALP. The duration of course (A1/A2) will be 150 hours in total. Each student has to pay an appropriate fee to the NIALP. The INOVINER is responsible are as follows:

  1. Responsible for arranging trained Portuguese language teacher
  2. Available for all course materials and stationery for all students
  3. Manage day to day classes
  4. Conducting exam as required and final exam
  5. Evaluation and classification of overall performance of all students
  6. Issues of valid certificates for all student who pass in the final evaluation
  7. The certificate is valid for obtaining Portuguese Citizenship

The NIALP is responsible are as follows:

  1. Complete admission process to all students.
  2. Overall management of the class room with all necessary facilities
  3. Updated student personal information to the INOVINTER as required
  4. Responsible to pay a fixed cost to the INOVINTER based on per student

For more information about the Portuguese Language Course, please contact to the NIALP or INOVINTER.