Escola Aberta: comunicação e migração

The Project Escola Aberta: comunicação e migração supported by BIP/ZIP aims to foster a sense of belonging and mutual understanding within the school community by focusing on the inclusion of immigrant parents. This initiative recognizes the vital role parents play in a child’s educational journey and seeks to create a strong bond between parents and school members.


  • Offer Portuguese language courses to immigrant parents, fostering language proficiency and strengthening the bond between parents and school groups.
  • Compile Portuguese words with translations in Nepali, Hindi, and English to facilitate communication.
  • Conduct training workshops for teachers and professionals to enhance digital skills within the school community.
  • Raise awareness about misinformation consumed by migrant students.
  • Provide newcomers with a kit containing translated glossaries, school documentation, essential information, and symbolic gifts to foster motivation and alleviate hesitation among migrants.


Period of execution:

16th of October 2023 – 16th of October 2024