Pic: NIALP volunteers with Anju and her family (Nepali immigrant family.

Today, we are sharing a milestone of Namaste Portugal, Pregnancy Club  and club members (now mothers).

As we know, the birth of a child brings happiness in the family, it also calls for a celebration. And at the same time, it is also very essential to take care during postpartum as much as during the pregnancy. In Nepal, there is a tradition of staying at a maternity home during postpartum. It is believed that new mothers are taken more care when they spend time with their family members; new mothers are given nutritious food, enough rest, oil massages; there are visiting relatives to see the baby’s face (mukh herne) with presents; experienced mothers share their events of birthing and postpartum. This tradition has been seen to relieve a lot of physical and emotional turmoil among new mothers. 

But for new mothers in a new land is a different experience. Specially for those who are far from their family members do not have those privileges of spending time together when they are challenged by physical and mental state. Keeping this in mind, NIALP members had to visit new mothers who recently gave birth in Portugal, even though they were being followed up every week by volunteer nurse Sunita Bhattarai. On 23rd April 2022, two volunteers visited three Nepali migrant families with little maternity package and important information; answering their queries was also one of the objectives of this visit. This opportunity led us to know more about their physical and mental state. We also found that spending short time together and having a conversation has a positive effect on mothers. We were delighted to see all mothers and babies happy and healthy.

We wish them a huge Congratulations and Good Luck.

We will come up with more events as such in the future.

Stay tuned!!


Pic: Geeta Maharjan with her husband and newborn.

Pic: Postpartum mother, Usha receives maternity package from volunteer nurse Sunita Bhattarai.


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