NIALP took a significant step in community enrichment by launching a free Portuguese language course tailored for immigrant families, continuing the momentum from the successful inaugural series held on January 20, 2024. Supported by Project Escola Aberta and financed by CML LISBOA BIP/ZIP, this initiative aims to equip participants with essential communication skills, fostering deeper engagement within the community and providing support for their children’s education.

The course, which commenced on April 16, 2024, welcomed 20 enthusiastic participants eager to enhance their language proficiency and actively participate in community events. Priority enrollment was granted to parents and immediate family members of immigrant students within BIP/ZIP regions, emphasizing inclusivity and community support.

Excitingly, NIALP plans to expand its offerings in the future to include additional free language courses, further empowering immigrant families and enriching community opportunities. Through initiatives like these, NIALP seeks to build a stronger, more connected community where everyone has access to educational resources and pathways to success. Join us as we continue to pave the way for a brighter future through education and collaboration.

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